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Karen Hamilton Productions (KHPL) is a well-respected, award winning independent television production company.

For more than two decades KHPL has been producing high quality documentaries, which win awards, reach large audiences, and are well received by the public.

Our sensitively handled productions help foster understanding and debate about the world in which we live, engaging both head and heart. Often leading the way with new ways of reaching audiences and contributors, we were one of the first companies to make films from the perspective of children. The award winning Kids Alone series for Channel 4, gave cameras to children to record their stories, thoughts and feelings as they waited to be adopted or fostered. Channel 4's campaigning season 'Adoption on Trial' was built around our Kids Alone series, helping inform Government policy discussions prior to the Children and Adoption Act, and winning a Royal Television Society award in the process.

Karen Hamilton is an executive producer, series producer and director with a wide range of programme making experience. Spanning more than 25 years, these include programmes for the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, BSB and Five, including the BBC's ground breaking Video Diaries series, Major, the Miners and Me (winner of the European Prix Niki award), Steve Sue and Alice Too, Rebel Without A Pause, The Boss, Behind Closed Doors, Open Space, Singing For Dear Life, Working Out, A Place in Greece, A Place in Spain, A Place in Italy, Olympic Diaries and the RTS nominated Gold Fever series for BBC1 following Sir Steve Redgrave's four year journey towards his record breaking 5th Olympic Gold.

With a strong track record in producing complex and sensitive programmes Karen is able to steer any production through uncharted waters, making it a positive experience for all those involved. People and organisations open their doors to KHPL because they know we deal with subjects responsibly and collaboratively.

KHPL is consistent in its ethos and approach and strives to produce programmes that have real meaning and a positive impact. We have recently specialised in producing programmes about the court system in the UK, including the family courts, and Britain's Supreme Court. We continue to push the boundaries in terms of groundbreaking access, content, ideas, approaches and perspectives. With a solid base of experience KHPL is free to explore new ground, unimpeded by corporate structures or 'groupthink'. A boutique outfit in an increasingly consolidated media world, KHPL is what is truly meant by 'independent'.

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